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Stolen from your world, you are given only one choice: fight or remain trapped in this desolate, unforgiving landscape forever. When to lose is oblivion and wining is rewarded with everything your heart desires, the option seems clear. But there are deeper mysteries at work in a war no one remembers starting, and lies are all around you. If there was no line between good and evil - if the world existed in perpetual shades of gray - would you know which side to choose?

Two armies, Civilian and Militant, continuously engage in a bitter war to control Zone 15. You are strangers in a strange land, fighting and living and dying in the shadow of the cold, gray hospital. Each day you step out into the gray light of dawn knowing that this could be your last battle, that betrayal could come at any moment, and that you may never see your home again.

Gray War is a live-action, post-apocalyptic war-based RPG. New arrivals have been summoned based on their particular talents, whether they are capable leaders, soldiers, spies, or simply have a penchant for violence. They have been brought here to fight.

graywarrpg | graywarnet | graywarooc

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