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[14 Aug 2013|07:06pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is an interactive Livejournal game.

**We are looking for two more players**

You have a 1 in 8 chance of winning a years worth of Livejournal paid time (No Ads for a year plus lots of other benefits).

You have a great chance of having fun and meeting new friends.

Sign up HERE or check out or profile page for more information.

So how does it work?Collapse )
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[29 Jun 2013|08:43pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is a new interactive game played on Livejournal and we are looking for players.

Come join and be in the chance to win a paid livejournal account for 1 year!

Compete in fun challenges against other players.

Have fun and maybe even make some new friends.

Nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Why not?!
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[25 Dec 2011|02:46am]


Hey guys! Any of you guys like Harry Potter? Contests? Games? Writing? Graphics? Chilling with a bunch of cool cats? If you've answered yes to the above, then hogwarts_elite is the perfect place for you.

A great sorting community here on Livejournal, hogwarts_elite, which has been around for 19 terms, is there for the kid in all of you who wants to be a big dork and hang out with other likeminded dorks. Everything from graphics contests, writing contests to movie nights and hilarious discussions happen in the castle, and you know you want to join!

So go submit your application to sorting_elite to find out what house the hat places you in when Term 20 begins January 1st, 2012.

Remember, it could be your last year before the world ends, so have a blast along with us!
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My gift to you: happy holidays [17 Dec 2011|12:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]






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GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE [03 Nov 2011|11:30am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

turkey_day is one of the few Thanksgiving themed communities that is active on livejournal.
Granted, it's only really active 1 month of the year but it strives to have good stuff going on for that month.

You can post recipes, humor, cartoons, photos, & all sorts of turkey themed stuff to turkey_day.

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more 'adult' type content [21 Oct 2011|07:44pm]

[ mood | horny ]


naked peoples

humping peoples



shiny peoples

nearly naked peoples

Celebrity Communities:
does more adult roles firstAnnaLynnMcCord
there are no stupid questionsChrist·n·Slater
eyes & smile FTWCote·de·Pablo
he's got a special kind of qualityJeffrey·Donovan
this community is illogicalJolene·Blalock
Yay MaggieKari·Wuhrer·LJ
once she was DawnMi·Trachtenberg
Here's JohnnyMrJackNicholson
an X-File never looked so goodMs·Krista·Allen
Blonde AmbitionNo1·PA
my favorite rookie copPaula·Garces
Bahamian Americans unitePersia·White
extreme Japanese boobageRioNatsume
Bret's bevy of babesRockofLoveGirls
Oops she did it againSpearingBritney
tends to play the undeadVincent·Perez

Porn Star Communities: (heavily NWS)
luscious latinaCarmen·Luvana
pale with frecklesCharlotteStokly
gorgeous in glassesEva·Angelina
flexible lil' thingfans·of·Gauge
Miss PhotogenicJesse·Jane·fans
right into puberty & straight into pornKat·with·Braces
great things in small packagesLeanni·Lei
cum in me...it's dirtyNatasha·Nice
beautiful boobageShay·Laren

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1st an important announcement [15 Oct 2011|09:35am]

[ mood | awake ]

Go here:

Click on 'settings'.

Skim down to 'community moderation'.

About a month back, livejournal automatically switched this for most communities to 'must be approved'. If you've been noticing a lack of posts to your communities, this is why.

I just spent 20 minutes going through all of my communities , it had effected over ½ of them, and switching them back to open posting for all members.

And now...










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Anybody out there? [12 Oct 2011|10:52am]

[ mood | devious ]


right after Halloween

presidential election coming


post all violence here

even God has a sense of humor

post what makes you happy




best dogs in the world


before they kill us




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5TH YR HP RPG [09 Oct 2011|10:44am]



Term began 1st September-- did you miss the train?
Don't worry, there's still time!

Harry is in his 5th year and Umbridge is upon us.
Our AU begins here, with you.

Canon AND slash friendly!
Have fun and do magic- it's that simple!
Just write what happens next.
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes are going to the big screen [30 Sep 2011|11:18am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Communities to watch for The Avengers content

capt_america gamma_reactions
starks_armory ultimate_marvel
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Join the cause... [07 Sep 2011|02:20pm]


Now open!

Stolen from your world, you are given only one choice: fight or remain trapped in this desolate, unforgiving landscape forever. When to lose is oblivion and wining is rewarded with everything your heart desires, the option seems clear. But there are deeper mysteries at work in a war no one remembers starting, and lies are all around you. If there was no line between good and evil - if the world existed in perpetual shades of gray - would you know which side to choose?

Two armies, Civilian and Militant, continuously engage in a bitter war to control Zone 15. You are strangers in a strange land, fighting and living and dying in the shadow of the cold, gray hospital. Each day you step out into the gray light of dawn knowing that this could be your last battle, that betrayal could come at any moment, and that you may never see your home again.

Gray War is a live-action, post-apocalyptic war-based RPG. New arrivals have been summoned based on their particular talents, whether they are capable leaders, soldiers, spies, or simply have a penchant for violence. They have been brought here to fight.

graywarrpg | graywarnet | graywarooc

Directory | Rules | F.A.Q. | Applications

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The Avengers [25 Aug 2011|12:22pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

With the upcoming movie, I've decided to try to get my related communities active again.

Mostly this one: mighty_avengers

Obviously this one: ultimate_marvel

Bits & pieces to these: capt_america gamma_reactions starks_armory

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It's not real... it's Unreal [09 Aug 2011|10:25pm]

[ mood | determined ]

· Unreal · Return to Na Pali · Unreal Tournament ·
· Unreal Tournament 2003 · Unreal Tournament 2004 ·
· Unreal Championship · Unreal 2: The Awakening ·
· Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict ·
· Unreal Tournament 3 · Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack ·
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It never ends [19 Jul 2011|12:20pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name: capt_america
Random: there is a movie coming out soon...
Theme: comicbook fandom community
Bio: For fans of Captain America, old & new

Name: comic_art
Random: posts are big
Theme: comicbook art
Bio: fans of comicbooks love the visual aspect sometimes more than the stories

Name: iconnage_art
Random: I wanted an icon community, dammit!
Theme: icon makers posting their work, nothing excluded so long as it follows de rules
Bio: kinda self·explanatory, right?

Name: answers_for_all
Random: not knowing stuff is actually beneficial
Theme: there are no stupid questions
Bio: Big fan of the random question communities when I first came to livejournal so I made one too

Name: anything_pink
Random: oddly my least favorite color
Theme: ...guess...
Bio: really have no idea what inspired this

Name: end_of_de_world
Random: don't be depressed cuz the ride is over
Theme: Discussions of various end of the world scenarios, prophecies, etc.
Bio: At some point or other the world is going to end. Discuss.

Name: mighty_avengers
Random: again, there are related movies coming out soon
Theme: The Marvel Universe's mightiest heroes
Bio: Fans of the Avengers, no matter which team or era

Name: silly_religion
Random: God must have a sense of humor...It made us after all
Theme: a place for serious and ludicrous relgious sharing
Bio: This community doesn't support any one religion, we're not about that! Despite what you may think from the appearance of the place this is not a Satanic community.

Name: usa_de_quirky
Random: things have kinda died down but I'd love to get them going again
Theme: Oh beautiful, for spacious...
Bio: American themed political discussion & humor

Name: video_embedding
Random: originally made this comm just for the links
Theme: for people that love video embedding sites / NWS...sorta kinda maybe...ish
Bio: You are welcome to post vids to this community if you join. Adult content or not, nothing needs to be behind an LJ·cut unless its multiples...and you really don't need to do that.

Name: weirdfolks
Random: Weird: unearthly or mysterious, Folks: people in general
Theme: all the wacky stuff that can be found online
Bio: On the plus side, if one of you demented geniuses gets a workable idea for world domination...this is the place to drum up your minions of evil!!

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let's get these going again [06 Jul 2011|11:57am]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Clothes are overrated (explicit adult content) It is Summer after all.









PRETTY COLORS!!!!Epileptic·Graphics
epileptics and photosenstive types
stay away or your eyes will sizzle
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[08 Jan 2011|06:01pm]


Come join the_sweetest_!
The original sweetest on Livejournal!
+ Active Mods and Members
+ Daily posts
+ Activities and points with nice prizes
What do you have to lose? Come join the_sweetest_ Today!
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[01 Jan 2011|03:54pm]


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[16 Dec 2010|10:54pm]

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com

Awesome website similar to E-Bay, except you use credits you earn instead of money.

The items are FREE and most shipping is FREE as well! You can find health and beauty products, clothes, electronics, cell phones, baby clothes, you name it! This is totally legit and I am a real person - not spam!

Click here to sign up: http://www.listia.com/signup/219610

[15 Dec 2010|10:45am]

Mitchell Promo Banner

beinghumankink is a kink meme for the BBC's series, "Being Human"!

No matter your ship there's a place for you at our kink meme.

So, come and join in the fun by prompting & posting at beinghumankink!
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FringerSlash [19 Nov 2010|11:22pm]

Fringer Slash Promo Banner

fringerslash is the only community for fans of the pairings of Gabe Forrest & Ian Archer and CJ Ward & Suki Sato from Cartoon Network's, Tower Prep!

If you enjoy the relationship between these two dynamic characters then this is the place for you. We welcome all contributions as long as they feature Gabe Forrest & Ian Archer and/or CJ Ward & Suki Sato prominently.

So, if you are ready to join in the fun of these ships, please join us at fringerslash!
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